Testing and certification service provider SGS has relocated from Hofmannstrasse in Munich to a more expansive facility in the Puchheim suburb.

The new ISO/IEC 17025-accredited electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratory enhances SGS’s testing and certification services for the automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics industries. The 6,300m2 site, specifically tailored for this purpose, is capable of handling everything from small components to large, intricate systems.

The laboratory features a 10m EMC chamber equipped with a 6m diameter turntable that can support loads of up to 10 tons (dynamic) and 35 tons (static). Additionally, there is a separate heavy-duty test area that can manage vehicles and specimens weighing up to 15 tons/m2, 20 tons per axle, or 35 tons in total. The chamber’s accessibility is facilitated by a large 4.2 x 4.2 m door, according to SGS.

The facility also includes two 5m absorber chambers, which are larger than the standard 3m chambers and are designed for testing medium-sized specimens and complex setups for high-voltage systems in the context of e-mobility. The laboratory is equipped to test specimens up to 125 A/400 V and 1,000 VDC or 500 ADC.

Furthermore, the laboratory offers fire and flammability, radio frequency, and product safety testing for a wide array of products, including lamps, luminaires, medical devices, IT equipment, audio-visual equipment, and laboratory instruments. The new lighting technology laboratory includes an 18m long dark room with an expanded scope for testing photometric properties and photobiological safety in lamps, luminaires, and lasers.

The Puchheim laboratory is officially recognized by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, KBA) for EMC testing in accordance with ECE-R10, and holds accreditation from the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) for EMC, RF, product safety, medical devices, lighting technology, and fire and flammability. The site is authorized to issue EMC certification for the US and South Korean markets, as well as CB certification for EMC and product safety.

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© 2012-2024 GTG Group. All rights reserved.