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China's leading testing & certification company

Our value to society is creating a better life and safer world.

China's leading testing & certification company

Our value to society is creating a better life and safer world.


Years of Experience

Rely on an internationally-recognized company with over a decade of experience.


Professional Service Team

Under the leadership by PhDs, our professional inspector helps with faster regulatory approval.


International Markets

Our global labs provide certification services to help you access over 140 markets worldwide.

For more than 10 years, companies around the world have depended on GTG to help ensure the quality and safety of their products and systems.

We go beyond testing and certifying products; GTG is more of a Safety & Quality Assurance provider to six major industries worldwide. Through our complete network of cutting-edge facilities and industry-leading technical expertise, we provide innovative and highly customized Assurance, Testing and Certification services to customers.

GTG can sharpen your competitive edge
  • With reliable, optimized and efficient testing and certification for faster regulatory approval
  • Through rapid, efficient entry to the global marketplace
  • By saving time and reducing cost and minimizing health, safety and security risks
  • By becoming a TRUSTED BRAND

Our Mission, Vision and Values

For more than 10 years, GTG’s story has always been about safety and quality. In 2012 we started establishing independent testing laboratories.

Creating a safer world and better life!

To be an internationally recognized testing and certification body.

Customer’ First
GTG is an industry leader with more than 300 employees in China. We deliver Safety & Quality Assurance expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our completed processes and customer’s first culture. Whether your enterprise is local or global, we can help to ensure that your products meet quality and safety standards for up to 140 markets around the world.

We hold extensive global accreditations, recognitions and agreements, and we are dedicated to keeping up with the latest technologies so that our safety standards, testing and certification processes are optimized to bring your product to market as quickly as possible.

GTG has a highly skilled and experienced team of managers whose career and educational backgrounds span a variety of industries. The friendly, collaborative environment ensures that we all thrive through teamwork. By sharing our knowledge, we can help our clients operate more efficiently.

Mutual Benefit
GTG cooperates with and supports some of the most famous brands and enterprises around the world, providing essential knowledge, insights, and capability where and when our customers need it. Our work helps ensure proper certification and greater market access, the ability to meet product performance and quality metrics, and the promotion and elevation of a brand’s name and reputation. We improve the value proposition of our customers’ products through the strength and robustness of our services, and, as a result, more and more new and well-known customers join the GTG family all the time.

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With 12 years of experience, GTG Group have helped thousands of organizations access markets, comply, innovate, and differentiate.

© 2012-2024 GTG Group. All rights reserved.

© 2012-2024 GTG Group. All rights reserved.