Industries of Expertise

To provide the most professional testing and certification services to our clients, we divide our expertise and customized solutions into six industries.
IT Products

Information Technology Products

Test and certified for IT products: computer, monitor, laptop, projector, printer, scanner...

Audiovisual Products


Test and certified for AV products: microphone, speaker, camera, MP3/MP4, radio, DVD...

Lighting Products

Lamps & Lights

Test and certified for lithium batteries: table lamps, string light, Christmas lights, wall sconces...

Home Appliance

Household Appliance

Test and certified for household appliances: oven, coffee maker, humidifier, rice cooker, razor...

Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries

Test and certified for li-ion batteries: 18650 battery pack, hoverboard battery, ebike battery...

Wireless Products

Wireless Products

Test and certified for cell phone, bluetooth speaker, smarth watch, WiFi router, tws warbuds...

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© 2023 GTG | Global Testing Group. All rights reserved.

© 2023 GTG | Global Testing Group. All rights reserved.