In the increasingly fierce global market competition, product compliance and certification have become crucial for market access. Especially in the field of smart lighting, FCC certification is not only an endorsement of product quality but also a necessary condition for entering the US market. GTG Group understands the importance of FCC certification for your products. We have compiled professional opinions on FCC certification for smart lighting products to help you better understand and meet the various requirements during the certification process.

Overview of FCC certification

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is an independent agency of the US government, directly accountable to Congress. It is responsible for regulating equipment related to communication products, including radio broadcasting, television, telecommunications, satellite, and cable communications. For smart lighting products, FCC certification primarily focuses on the use of radio frequencies and electromagnetic radiation.

Testing requirements for smart lighting products

Lighting products typically use an independent or integrated power supply to provide electricity to the light source, converting electrical energy into light energy for general illumination. Almost all lighting products on the market today use LEDs as the light source. According to FCC rules, these products are classified as unintentional emitters and are regulated under Part 15, with the main requirements as follows: both conducted and radiated emission tests are required.

Conducted emission measurements range from 150 KHz to 30 MHz and should comply with the emission limits in section 15.107; radiated emission measurements range from 30 MHz to 1 GHz and should comply with the emission limits in section 15.109.

Certification requirements for smart lighting products

Smart lighting utilizes embedded computing, network communication, cloud processing, sensors, and other technologies to form a lighting control system that can achieve intelligent control of lighting devices and provide rich scene experiences. According to relevant FCC rules, the authorization method for smart lighting products involves two scenarios: independent radio module authorization and lighting product authorization.

1. Radio module authorization

The radio modules used by lighting manufacturers are often provided by third-party manufacturers. To reduce technical complexity and improve development efficiency, these manufacturers will generally apply for FCC authorization for the radio modules in advance.

The radio transmission module is the core component of smart lighting. Common signal transmission modes include ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and others, suitable for different product categories and customer needs. These modules are subject to the FCC ID authorization procedure, and the following information is required when applying:

  • Block diagram;
  • Circuit diagram;
  • PCB layout;
  • BOM (Bill of Materials);
  • Nameplate diagram;
  • Antenna information;
  • Product manual, detailing the product’s operation;
  • Frequency calibration program installation software and operation manual;
  • Frequency range and number of channels, modulation method and channel mode;
  • Smart lighting products authorization;

2. Smart lighting products authorization

Smart lighting product using radio modules should generally follow the FCC ID authorization procedure. However, if the radio module used in the lighting product has already obtained FCC ID authorization, the manufacturer can submit relevant documents to a third-party laboratory, and only need to test the lighting product according to the SDoC (Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity) procedure. Lighting products approved under SDoC can display the FCC logo instead of the radio module’s FCC ID number.

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© 2012-2024 GTG Group. All rights reserved.