Test equipment manufacturer Rohde & Schwarz showcased its R&S RT-ZISO isolated probing system at the recent PCIM Europe event. This system is designed to facilitate precise measurements of rapidly switching signals, particularly in settings with elevated common-mode voltages and currents. The company introduced the R&S RT-ZPMMCX passive probe, equipped with an MMCX connector, as a new component of the system, tailored for low-side gate measurement applications.

Rohde & Schwarz highlighted that the R&S RT-ZISO system excels in delivering accurate differential measurements, supporting up to ±3 kV on reference voltages of ±60 kV, with a swift rise time of less than 450 picoseconds. It effectively mitigates fast common-mode signals that could otherwise compromise measurement accuracy. The system’s power-over-fibre architecture ensures galvanic isolation between the device under test and the measurement setup, offering a significantly enhanced common-mode rejection ratio compared to traditional differential probes.

Key attributes of the R&S RT-ZISO include adjustable bandwidth options ranging from 100 MHz to 1 GHz, with the capability for upgrades. It boasts a common-mode rejection ratio of over 90 dB at 1 GHz, an input and offset range of ±3 kV, a common mode range of ±60 kV, and a sensitive input range of ±10 mV.

The company asserts that when paired with the next-generation MXO series oscilloscopes (MXO 4, MXO 5, and MXO 5C), the probe facilitates measurements with the “world’s fastest acquisition in the time and spectrum domain,” leveraging the oscilloscopes’ hardware-accelerated performance. When used in conjunction with the R&S RTO6 oscilloscope, design engineers can harness the probe for intricate analysis tasks, capitalizing on the oscilloscope’s “high performance and advanced measurement capabilities.”

The R&S RT-ZISO is versatile, suitable for a range of applications such as power converter switching analysis using Wide Band Gap (WBG) materials, double-pulse testing, floating measurements, shunt measurements, inverter design, and motor drive analysis.

PCIM Europe, a global platform for power electronics and its applications, took place in Nuremberg, Germany, from June 11 to 13.

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