On June 27th, the IEC 62368 fourth edition regulatory update seminar for power supplies, hosted by GTG Group, concluded successfully.

IEC 62368 Fourth Edition Regulatory Update Seminar for Power Supplies

This seminar featured authoritative experts and technical gurus as speakers, attracting numerous power supplies manufacturers to actively sign up and participate. GTG Group provided a platform for manufacturers to interpret and discuss the updates to standard regulations, delving into the differences between the fourth and third editions of IEC 62368 for power supplies. The seminar detailed the impacts of the regulatory updates, helping manufacturers stay abreast of the latest regulatory developments and providing comprehensive strategies to ensure compliance and competitiveness in the global market.

IEC 62368 Fourth Edition Regulatory Update Seminar for Power Supplies Audience

Leo Li, general manager of GTG Group’s sales division #1, delivered an inspiring opening speech, showcasing GTG Group’s capabilities and setting the stage for the seminar. Following this, UL consumer electronics and medical division technical experts Roy Xie and project engineer Claire Xiao provided detailed and insightful interpretations of the IEC 62368 fourth edition and medical power supply standards UL/IEC 60601-1, respectively. Subsequently, GTG Group’s power division technical director Jet conducted an in-depth comparative analysis of the differences in related power supplies standards. The entire session was rich in content, featuring not only professional explanations packed with valuable information but also interactive games and Q&A sessions, creating a vibrant atmosphere of interaction and learning that was well-received by all participants.

Seminar highlights

UL consumer electronics and medical division senior technical expert Roy Xie provided a detailed interpretation of the IEC 62368 fourth edition regulations:

In May 2023, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) released the fourth edition of the IEC 62368 standard, and corresponding national standards are expected to be issued in the European Union and North America. To ensure that power supply manufacturers can keep up with the regulatory standards, Roy Xie, with over 16 years of experience in the TIC industry, delved into the new standards’ requirements. His presentation not only covered the main differences between the old and new standards but also detailed common failure points in testing, offering valuable professional insights and practical strategies, enabling manufacturers to have a deeper understanding and preparation for the IEC 62368 fourth edition regulations.

GTG Group power supply division technical director Jet delivered a compelling speech on the differences between power supplies-related standards:

To mitigate the market impact of complex and numerous standards and help power manufacturers develop their products better, Jet conducted an in-depth analysis of the subtle differences between IEC/UL 62368, IEC 60335-2-29, IEC 61558-2-16, and UL 1310 standards. He explained how to integrate standard requirements during the product development phase to avoid compliance risks and unnecessary cost increases. Drawing on his extensive practical experience and real-world cases, he provided actionable solutions to help manufacturers navigate different standard regulations with ease.

UL consumer electronics and medical division project engineer Claire Xiao delivered a speech on the medical power supply standards UL/IEC 60601-1:

With the continuous expansion of the global medical device market, ensuring the smooth entry of medical power supplies into the market has become an urgent issue for businesses. Claire Xiao, with over a decade of experience in the TIC industry and professional knowledge, detailed the requirements of the UL/IEC 60601-1 standards. She delved into the importance and key elements of the UL/IEC 60601-1 standards, helping manufacturers better understand and implement these standards, enabling them to maintain a leading position in the rapidly developing global medical market.

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Thank you to all the participants for their enthusiastic involvement, and we look forward to meeting again at the next seminar to explore industry frontiers together and create a bright future!

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