GTG Group power supply division successfully obtained the GSTL (GS Testing Laboratory) accreditation certificate after undergoing rigorous on-site audits by UL and approval by the Zentralstelle der Länder für Sicherheitstechnik (ZLS).

GS Testing Laboratory for Guangdong GTG Testing Technology

What is GSTL

GSTL stands for GS Testing Laboratory, refers to a laboratory authorized by ZLS that is capable of conducting independent testing for GS certification.

Generally, only laboratories that have undergone strict evaluation and auditing can obtain GSTL accreditation. The acquisition of this accreditation signifies that GTG Group laboratory’s testing capabilities and technical level have risen to a higher level, and are able to conduct high-standard safety tests.

Introduction to GS certification

The GS mark, which stands for “Geprüfte Sicherheit” (Safety Certification), is a voluntary certification mark indicating that the product meets all statutory requirements of the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG). GS certification covers tests for electrical safety, the use of chemicals and hazardous substances, ergonomics and noise, as well as assessments of the manufacturer’s factory production processes.

Products with the GS mark provide safety-conscious German consumers with the added reassurance that they have been rigorously tested and evaluated. Due to the widespread acceptance of the GS mark by regulatory agencies and its recognition by business, retailers, and consumers, products with the GS mark gain a significant market advantage over those without it.

GS certification process

  1. Submit product technical data (product photos or physical samples, English and German manuals, labels, circuit diagrams, PCB layouts, parts lists and certificates, model variation explanations, etc.);
  2. GTG Group evaluates whether the applicant manufacturer or similar products have any adverse records (whether GS certification has been revoked by any certification body);
  3. Send the test samples to our laboratory;
  4. GTG Group laboratories conduct tests on the samples according to relevant standard requirements until they are fully compliant, and submits the data to the certification body;
  5. The factory provides the CIG 022 Section B form and confirms the initial factory inspection schedule with the certification body;
  6. The inspector conducts the factory inspection. After audit, the inspector submits the CIG 023 factory inspection report to the certification body for review;
  7. The certification body reviews the test report and factory inspection report;
  8. Routine factory inspections and certificate maintenance.

The GS certificate will be issued if approved (usually valid for 5 years, but the certificate’s validity period may be less than 5 years due to standards are expiring, new requirements, adverse records of the certificate holder, or special products);

About us

With the GSTL accreditation, GTG Group power supply division will significantly enhance the efficiency of GS certification for power supplies. In the future, power supply manufacturers in China will no longer need to send samples to foreign laboratories for compliance testing, and can conduct tests directly at GTG Group, which will greatly shorten your testing cycle and help your electronic products enter the German market sooner.

GTG Group power supply division will continue to provide more efficient and reliable GS certification compliance testing services for major electronic manufacturers, committed to helping them improve product quality and enhance market competitiveness, and jointly promoting the advancement of product safety standards.

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© 2012-2024 GTG Group. All rights reserved.