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GTG Provides California Energy Commission (CEC) Certification Recognition Service
GTG can help you with CEC certification.
GTG provides professional, efficient and reliable CEC certificate recognition service.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) Certificate is a document that confirms that a specific product meets the energy efficiency standards set forth by the state of California. This certification is mandatory for all appliances and other energy-consuming devices that are sold or installed in California. The CEC has been working on energy efficiency standards for over 40 years, and the certification program has been in place since 2003. The CEC estimates that energy-efficient products in California have saved consumers over $100 billion in utility costs since the program was launched. In addition, energy efficiency standards have helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

Energy efficiency standards

The CEC sets energy efficiency standards for a wide range of products, including appliances, lighting, and electronics. These standards are designed to reduce energy consumption, lower utility bills, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The standards are updated regularly to keep up with advances in technology and changes in consumer behavior.

Mandatory certification

All products that fall under the CEC’s jurisdiction must be certified before they can be sold or installed in California. This includes products that are manufactured outside of California but are sold or installed within the state. The certification process involves testing the product to ensure that it meets the CEC’s energy efficiency standards.

Benefits to consumers

The CEC Certificate provides consumers with assurance that the product they are purchasing meets energy efficiency standards and will help them save money on their utility bills. In addition, energy-efficient products often last longer and require less maintenance, which can also save consumers money in the long run.

Benefits to manufacturers

Manufacturers who obtain the CEC Certificate can benefit from increased sales and consumer trust. Energy-efficient products are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, and manufacturers who invest in energy-efficient technology can gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Benefits to the environment?

The CEC certificate benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy resources, the CEC helps to mitigate the effects of climate change.


The CEC has the authority to enforce energy efficiency standards and impose penalties on manufacturers who fail to comply. This includes fines, revocation of certification, and legal action. The CEC also conducts random testing of certified products to ensure ongoing compliance.

Consumer information

The CEC provides information to consumers on energy-efficient products and how to choose products that meet energy efficiency standards. This includes an online database of certified products and a guide to energy-efficient appliances.

Third-party certification

The CEC allows third-party organizations like GTG, Intertek to conduct product testing and certification. This helps to ensure that the certification process is objective and impartial. Third-party certification also helps to reduce the workload of the CEC and improve efficiency.

International recognition

The CEC Certificate is recognized internationally as a mark of energy efficiency. Products that are certified by the CEC are often accepted in other states and countries that have similar energy efficiency standards.

How can GTG assist you with DOE certification recognition?

To receive CEC certificate, a product must undergo testing at an approved testing laboratory and meet the specified criteria. Fortunately, GTG is accredited by international certification bodies and has experience in your industry and has a track record of success in obtaining CEC certificates.

We can help you navigate the complex certification process and ensure that your products meet the CEC’s energy efficiency standards and avoid costly mistakes. We can also help you with the documentation required for certification and can assist with testing and verification of your products.

Contact us today! Let us help you ensure your products are compliant with the law and are environmentally friendly.

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FAQs on CEC certification

Q1: Why is a CEC certificate important?

A CEC certificate is important because it ensures that the product is energy-efficient and meets the performance standards set by the CEC. This means that the product will save energy and money for consumers and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Q2: What products require a CEC certification?

The CEC Certificate covers a wide range of products, including refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, water heaters, refrigerators, as well as lighting products and electronic devices, except those sold wholesale in California for final retail sale outside the state, and those designed and sold exclusively for use in recreational vehicles or other mobile equipment. The list of products covered is constantly evolving to keep up with changes in technology and consumer behavior.

Q3: How is testing conducted for CEC certification?

Testing for CEC certification is conducted at approved testing laboratories like GTG. The testing process is rigorous and involves measuring the energy consumption and performance of the product under various conditions.

Q4: What are the criteria for CEC certification?

The criteria for CEC certification vary depending on the type of product. For example, refrigerators must meet energy consumption and storage capacity requirements, while lighting products must meet both energy efficiency and performance requirements.

Q5: How long does it take to receive a CEC certificate?

The time it takes to receive a CEC certificate varies depending on the product and the testing process. Generally, it can take several weeks to several months to receive certification.

Q6: What happens if a product does not meet the criteria for certification?

If a product does not meet the criteria for certification, it cannot receive a CEC certificate. The manufacturer may need to make changes to the product and retest it to meet the requirements.

Q7: What is the role of the CEC in promoting energy efficiency?

The CEC plays a crucial role in promoting energy efficiency in California. By setting performance standards and issuing certificates for energy-efficient products, the CEC encourages manufacturers to produce more energy-efficient products and consumers to purchase them.

Q8: How can consumers find products with a CEC certificate?

Consumers can find products with a CEC certificate by looking for the CEC logo on the product or its packaging. They can also search for certified products on the CEC’s website.

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Sources: Our guidance and/or articles are written in part based on publicly available information, and our own practical experience relating to product testing, compliance and certification. These are some of the primary sources we use:
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© 2012-2024 GTG Group. All rights reserved.