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SRRC Certification

As an accredited testing laboratory, we’ve helped thousands of manufacturers complete radio frequencies testing for their products and achieve SRRC certification.

1. SRRC certification

SRRC certification is a mandatory certification required for electronic products that use wireless technology in China. It's similar to FCC certification in the United States, CE certification in Europe, and IC certification (now ISED certification) in Canada. To apply for SRRC certification, you need to find a local testing laboratory that is accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). The testing laboratory will test your product and issue a test report. You can then submit the test report to the SRRC for certification.

3. More about SRRC certification

  • Public network mobile communication equipment (2G/3G/4G/5G equipment);
  • Dedicated communication equipment (walkie-talkie, digital trunking, RFID equipment…);
  • Wireless access devices (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth devices…);
  • Broadcast transmission equipment (radio and television…)
  • Radar equipment (used in meteorological, aviation, marine and vehicular…)
  • Navigation equipment (used in aviation and marine…);
  • Satellite communication equipment;
  • Radio transmitting equipment operating in the 2400MHz, 5100MHz and 5800MHz bands;

Not sure if your product requires SRRC certification? Please fill out our short form, our expert will be glad to assist further.

Below is a list of wireless testing standards we’re capable of. And our team is always available for any general inquiries, or technical discussions regarding the following wireless testing standards. Not sure which standard apply to your product? Please fill out our short form, our expert will be glad to assist further.

  • MIIT 2021 No. 129;
  • MIIT 2002 No. 353;
  • MIIT 2002 No. 277;
  • MIIT 2005 No. 423;
  • MIIT 2009 No. 137;
  • MIIT 2012 No. 620;
  • YD/T1214-2006;
  • YD/T15-2006.

Required documentation varies depending on the products. For detailed required documentation on specific product, please fill out our short form, our expert will be glad to assist you further. Below are some of typical required documentation for SRRC certification:

  • Application Form for Type Approval of Radio Transmission Equipment;
  • Commitment for Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval;
  • A copy of the business license or legal person (with the applicant’s signature), foreign applicants shall provide legal proof of organization (with the applicant’s signature);
  • The specific handler shall submit the power of attorney signed by the applicant and the valid identification of the handler, and the handler in the application form shall be consistent with the entrusted handler;
  • Description of production capacity, technical team and quality management system related to the production of radio transmission equipment. Domestic applicants who have obtained the quality management system certificate can fill in the certificate number in the application form; others and those who has not yet obtained the certificate of quality management system shall submit detailed introduction of technical capability, production capacity and quality assurance system stamped with the official seal of the legal person. The proof of production capacity should include production equipment models and quantities, number of production lines, production plans, the corresponding testing equipment (facilities). If the applicant entrusts a commissioned factory for production, the entrustment contract between the applicant and the commissioned factory, as well as the technical capability, production capacity and quality assurance system of the entrusted party shall be provided. If the state mandatory certification, recommended certification or voluntary certification voluntarily submitted by the applicant, which can prove that it has corresponding technical capability, production capacity and quality system, can simplify the application documentation required by this article;
  • Equipment instruction manuals; technical manuals; circuit diagrams, circuit block diagrams or schematic diagrams related to wireless transceiver functions; list of key radio frequency components. The instructions for use shall specify the display mode of the type approval code;
  • If the type approval code is displayed in electronic form, the description for displaying the type approval code and electronic label style shall be provided, and shall be complied with the relevant regulations of MIIT 2015 No. 211.
  • A set of color photos of the equipment, including the appearance, internal circuit boards and label. The label information shall include the manufacturer, product model, the style of the type approval code. The photos shall be marked with scale.

Below are the general application steps for achieving SRRC certificate. Have questions or not sure where to start? Please fill out our short form, our expert will be glad to assist further.

  • Online application and waiting for acceptance by the Radio Regulatory Authority;
  • Pre-test in our laboratory;
  • Send the test sample to SRRC authorized laboratory if pre-test is passed;
  • SRRC authorized laboratory perform tests. If the test fails, we will resubmit the application (the test fee is paid by the applicant);
  • Reports issued by SRRC authorized laboratory and they will be uploaded on the website;
  • Reviewed by Radio Regulatory Authority;
  • A SRRC certificate will be issued if approved;
  • Submit sales credentials , Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) will make payment to the SRRC authorized laboratory.

SRRC certificate is valid for 5 years.

  • Only special frequency ranges are allowed to use in China for different types of radio transmission equipment. For the certain frequency of radio transmission equipment, they are not only to apply for “Radio Type Approval Certification”, but also to apply for China Compulsory Certification (CCC) or China Telecommunication Certification Authority (CTA) approval. There is no dedicated marking, just a string of of type approval code (CMIIT ID);
  • The test equipment shall have test procedures, methods, standards, conditions, connection block diagrams, dedicated test accessories and the latest test report (copy or duplicate);
  • If the EUT’s emission port is non-standard interface, it is necessary to provide the connection cable and textual or graphical basis for cable attenuation values stamped with the company’s seal;
  • The applicant should send engineers and technicians to assist in the test, if necessary;
  • If one of the test equipment submitted by the applicant fails in the test, it is allowed to choose or send a new one to re-test. If more than two test samples randomly picked fail the test, there won’t be a third test and the product will be judged as nonconforming product. If more than one test sample fails the test after the second test, the produc will be judged as nonconforming product.
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4. Price and lead time

You will never pay for services that you don’t need! GTG Group provides a customized quote which are tailored to each client's needs and budget. Furthermore, you will receive SRRC certificate in a reasonably short time frame, faster than the average industry time.

However, the cost and the lead time of testing and certification varies depending on the product complexity and the testing requirements. GTG Group provides free consultation to assess your needs and provide advice on how to get started with compliance. Contact us today by filling out our short form!

5. Factory inspection

The SRRC certification does not require factory inspection. However, there will be random checks by the Market Surveillance Bureau.

6. Why choose us?

Founded in 2012, GTG Group is an independent ISO/IEC 17025 accredited product testing and certification services provider in China, providing comprehensive testing and regulatory certifications obtaining services for a wide range of products. Our goal is to certify your products and ensure their compliance with regulatory standards in order to help you access worldwide markets.

By working with GTG Group, you will enjoy the convenience of completing all of your tests (EMC, RF, wireless, safety, energy efficiency, environmental, durability, performance, chemical and other tests) and receive certification for your product from a single accredited lab. You will also eliminate the headaches of using multiple labs, delays in logistics, and shipping costs. Contact us today!

One of the most significant advantages of working with GTG Group is that we perform real test and are responsible for the end user. This is essential because it avoid risks and provides peace of mind to businesses and individuals who use the products. We have worked with some of the world’s leading businesses, and our services are highly regarded by our clients. When you choose the GTG Group for testing and certification, you can be confident that you are working with a trusted and reliable partner.

Our testing and test reports are globally recognized and accepted by regulatory agencies, ensuring that your products meet the necessary standards and regulations. GTG Group’s subsidiaries are accredited by local and international certification bodies that includes IECEE, UL, A2LA, NVLAP, ITS (Intertek), KTC, TÜV, Eurofins, CNAS, CMA, CQC. Our accreditation is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality testing services that meet industry standards. Check all accreditation documents in this page.

GTG Group is the only testing laboratory in Asia that equipped with an industry-leading 10-meter anechoic chamber and 4 facilities of 3-meter anechoic chamber.

Our facilities are with enough space to perform every type of test separately and have room for all your equipment as well as plenty of workspace around it. GTG Group covers a testing area of 30,000 square meters and have more EMC testing labs, RF testing labs, wireless testing labs, safety testing labs, energy efficiency testing labs, performance testing labs, durability testing labs and environmental testing labs than our peers. 

Furthermore, our standardized and normalized testing process allows us to deliver accurate and reliable testing results within a short timeframe. That’s why our turnaround time is among the fastest in the industry, ensuring that our clients get their products to the market without any delay.

GTG Group invest heavily in modern testing equipment and have a rigorous quality control process in place to ensure that the testing methods are accurate and reliable. And we can do what other labs can’t. Our 10-meter semi-anechoic chamber allows us to perform EMC testing recognized by Taiwan and South Korea. Additionally, the laboratory regularly upgrades its equipment to ensure that it remains at the cutting edge of technology.

We understand that every product is different, and the cost is a significant factor when it comes to product development. GTG Group strive to provide affordable testing solutions without compromising on quality. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your product’s specific needs and design testing solutions that meet your requirements and ensures compliance with regulatory standards. This means that you can get the testing you need, without paying for services that you don’t, ensuring that our clients always get the best value for their money.

We can also provide free pre-compliance tesing service to help detect and resolve potential design flaws early in the process to reduce design costs and accelerate market launch. We promise no risk or any obligation!

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We offer ompetitive pricing for our testing and certification services. And our team is always available for any general inquiries, or technical discussions regarding compliance testing/certification.

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