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As the rules change or new procedures are developed, please note that these interpretation and/or guidance may not apply; you should always refer to the latest rules and guidance documents to determine what equipment authorization procedures should be followed. For the latest guidance on specific topics or you don't know where to start, please feel free to contact GTG Group experts.

GTG is Amazon Compliance Services Provider for Electronics
GTG can help Amazon electronics sellers with UL testing and certification.
GTG provides professional, efficient and reliable UL testing and certification services for Amazon electronics sellers.

In the middle of 2019, Amazon implemented new safety requirements that require the sellers of certain electronic products to submit UL testing reports for their listed products.  We can see that Amazon electronics sellers face monumental challenges: they must stay informed of and compliant with constantly changing global regulations and Amazon’s specifications regarding the safety, quality and sustainability of their products and packaging. To succeed, sellers must introduce innovative, compliant electronics products to the Amazon marketplace quickly while avoiding brand-damaging product recalls, returns and poor ratings and reviews. Working with a third-party testing , inspection and certification partner can help Amazon sellers understand and navigate regulatory and market access requirements.

Commonly seen products that need a UL testing report to be listed on Amazon

  • Automobile products
  • Electronic components
  • Audio & visual equipment
  • Appliances
  • IT equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Plastic products
  • Wires and cables
  • Lamps
  • Communication products

What UL standards should my products be tested according to?

Different products will have to be tested according to different UL standards. UL standards generally contain the following content:

  • Products covered by the standards
  • Requirements for product structure
  • Requirements for product raw materials
  • Requirements for product components
  • Testing equipment and testing methods
  • Requirements for product labels and description

UL has published over 500 standards, and nearly 70% of them have been adopted by the US government to be the national standards. Listed below are the UL standards corresponding to some of the hot products on Amazon:

Product NameUL Standards
Attachment plugs and receptaclesUL498
Audio and video apparatusUL60065
Bluetooth earphonesUL60950
Computer cooling fanUL507
Curling ironUL859
Direct plug-in nightlightsUL1786
Electric bicycleUL2849
Electric coffee makerUL1082
Electric heatersUL1278
Electric heating padUL130
Electric motor-operated or magnetically driven toolsUL745
Electrical plugs and connectorsUL817
Energy saving light bulbsUL1993
Frying-type appliancesUL1083
Grow lights for plantsUL8800
Hand warmersUL499
Hang ironing machineUL1005
LED monitorsUL48
LED strip lightsUL2108
Massage gunUL1647
Network infrastructure equipmentUL60950-1
Power banksUL2056
Security camerasUL60065
Self-balancing electric scooterUL2272
Smart wristbandUL62368-1
Special-use switchesUL1054
Steam cleanerUL499
Telecommunication terminal equipmentUL60950-1
USB cablesUL9990

If you don’t know for sure what UL standards should your product be tested for, you can search the UL Standards Catalog. Or contact a GTG expert.

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How can GTG assist you with UL testing and certification?

We apply our deep technical expertise and industry knowledge to help electronics and appliance producers avoid critical risks throughout the entire product life cycle, streamlining your compliance and market access efforts while meeting platform and retailer requirements. 

Enlist GTG as a strategic testing and certification partner you can trust. Leverage our strong relationships with Amazon and other major global retailers, and our broad range of testing capabilities — beyond specific retailers’ requirements — to avoid the mistakes, delays and extra costs incurred by testing with multiple testing laboratories.

As a member of the Amazon Service Provider Network (a group of service providers trained and certified by Amazon to help sellers launch, manage and grow their businesses on Amazon), GTG offers Amazon sellers a wide range of services to help them navigate compliance requirements and simplify access to the Amazon platform. Our services include:

  • Wireless device electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing – We can test to evaluate electromagnetic interference and assessing whether the device functions as intended in the presence of electromagnetic phenomena.
  • Battery testing – We test and certify batteries — including lithium-ion battery cells and packs, chargers and adapters — to global standards.
  • Energy efficiency testing – Our testing and certification services evaluate products to determine if they meet consumer demands and regulatory requirements. As a full-service Energy Star® partner, we can combine Energy Star evaluations with a range of other energy efficiency services to test and certify your products to a wide range of local, national and international standards.
  • 5G testing – We can evaluate the safety, connectivity and performance of devices operating on sub-6 GHz and mmWave frequencies to global regulatory and industry requirements.
  • REACH testing – Testing for compliance with Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), which regulates chemicals used during the manufacturing of products.
  • RoHS testing – Testing for compliance with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) criteria regulating the use of hazardous substances used in electrical equipment and plastics.
  • Packaging testing – We offer Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier (APASS) Network testing and certification services for Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging Programs. We can evaluate packaging for compliance with all requirements of the corresponding standards listed in Amazon’s Packaging Certification Guidelines and the appropriate International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 6 test.


What are the differences between UL testing report and UL certification?

UL certification is a non-mandatory certification for product safety. UL certification consists of procedures such as product testing, factory audit, and follow-up inspection. The time needed for UL certification is longer than that for UL testing, and the cost would be much higher too.

UL testing report is used on a certain type of product. You’ll have to choose the corresponding UL safety standards that your product has to meets, and get your product tested based on that standards. If your product successfully passed the testing, UL will issue a testing report.

UL testing tends to be the more cost-effective option than UL certification when it comes to Amazon product listing. And under most cases, to complete the testing for a product only takes 1-2 weeks while finishing the UL certification process can take more than a few months.

And the specific procedures for UL certification and UL testing are also different. UL testing reports can be issued by third-party laboratories recognized by ISO17025/ILAC 17025 standards.

To get UL certification, usually, you have to go through the following steps:

  • Submit relevant information and documents
  • The UL institution accepts your application
  • Send the product samples to the UL laboratories
  • UL conducts factory audit and inspection
  • UL authorizes the applicant to use UL marks

The procedures for getting a UL testing report are more simple and straightforward:

  • Submit product-related information
  • The UL institution accepts your application
  • Send the product samples to the UL laboratories
  • UL issues the testing report based on the corresponding UL standards
Are UL testing reports only applicable in the US?

Not entirely. Although the UL marks are issued only in the US and the Canadian market, they are widely recognized all over the world.

And as you all know, Amazon has many independent online markets for different regions and countries, their requirements for UL certification and UL testing report are mostly the same – meaning with the same testing report you can list your product on different Amazon sites.

How much will it cost to get a UL testing report?

The cost for the UL testing report is determined by the product the UL standards applied to it. Different products will be tested by different projects and items, so the specific cost will also be different. But compared with the high cost for UL certification, the cost for getting a UL testing report is much friendlier for small to medium-sized Amazon sellers.

Sources: Our guidance and/or articles are written in part based on publicly available information, and our own practical experience relating to product testing, compliance and certification. These are some of the primary sources we use:
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Table of Contents
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© 2012-2024 GTG Group. All rights reserved.

© 2012-2024 GTG Group. All rights reserved.