Intertek, a leading provider of testing services, has revamped its extensive collection of global standards, now known as Intertek Inform. Previously operating under the name Intertek SAI Global Standards, the database now offers an enhanced platform for tech companies to innovate with confidence.

Intertek Inform grants access to a vast repository of over 1.6 million standards, sourced from more than 360 authoritative publishers such as ISO, ASTM, ASME, BSI, and Standards Australia. This resource is invaluable for companies in the process of developing cutting-edge products.

The updated database is designed to provide a more personalized experience, featuring current standards, straightforward pricing, and immediate notifications for any updates to the standards. Intertek Inform also facilitates the integration of standards information into business processes and operations across different regions.

With a global network of over 1,000 laboratories and a presence in more than 100 countries, Intertek emphasizes the importance of adhering to internationally recognized standards in today’s complex and interconnected marketplace. These standards are crucial for the sustained success of their clients.

André Lacroix, CEO of Intertek, highlighted the benefits of the new platform, “By aggregating more than 1.6 million standards into a digital, centralised platform, Intertek Inform makes it easier for our clients to access the information they need quickly.”

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© 2012-2024 GTG Group. All rights reserved.